groundwater analysis

Stricter Groundwater Testing Targets E.coli

Monterey County growers face new water-testing regulations that hope to lessen risk of an E. coli outbreak like the one that hit the more-than-$600 million romaine lettuce industry last year.

Cities Leading the Way on Water Reuse

From the desert to the sea, California cities are tackling the problem of limited water supply with recycling and reuse solutions.

Groundwater Exchange: New Website Provides SGMA Resources

California water agencies and communities have a new resource for groundwater management information and tools.

Groundwater Exchange, a website located at, describes itself as “a free, collaborative online resource for connecting water managers, water users, and community members to support the design and implementation of effective Groundwater Sustainability Plans under California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).”

A Sinking Feeling: Over-Pumping CA Groundwater

The immense importance of proper groundwater recharge was recently confirmed by NASA, who released data earlier this month showing that parts of California are quite literally sinking due to the over-pumping of groundwater. Among other effects, over-pumping groundwater aquifers can cause the soil to collapse and compact, causing the land to subside and, in the case of California’s San Joaquin Valley, jeopardizing water infrastructure that serves millions of people.