Technical Training & Seminars

Babcock Labs offers technical training and educational seminars, such as our quarterly TEAM Event and biannual Drinking Water Workshop (DWW). These events help attendees stay up-to-date on industry news and information, as well as on proper sampling protocol and techniques. 

TEAM Events

Babcock Laboratories holds quarterly Technical Environmental Analytical Meetings, known as TEAM Events. These educational seminars are meant to inform attendees about various regulatory updates and requirements affecting the environmental and food testing industries. Each TEAM event addresses a particular topic and attendees learn from two industry experts. Recent topics include regulatory updates for drinking water, the fourth round of the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR4), the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), groundwater monitoring, and recycled water and water reuse.

Drinking Water Workshop

Our Drinking Water Workshop includes a short course seminar that covers sampling techniques, bottle type and preservation, safety and sample documentation, and analytical methods and testing. The workshop also includes an interactive training portion where attendees receive hands-on sample collection practice on test stations, as well as laboratory observation. Attendees receive up to three contact hours and a certificate of completion verifying that they have received proper education and applied training on drinking water sampling.   

UCMR 4 Workshop 

This workshop includes a short course seminar on UCMR 4 methods, analyses, and special requirements, in addition to the responsibilities of public water systems (PWSs). Attendees also learn about sampling, including bottle type and preservation. Additionally, the workshop includes real life case studies for review. Attendees are asked to bring a copy of their UCMR 4 schedule to the workshop so that they can receive one-on-one assistance to address their specific UCMR 4 needs.

UCMR 4 Webinar

Have you been interested in our UCMR 4 Workshop but unable to attend? To better assist our long-distance clients, we are considering creating a UCMR 4 Webinar. If you are interested, please fill out the "UCMR 4 Webinar Interest Form" below.   

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