Groundwater Analyses

Babcock Labs testing services for groundwater, landfill monitoring, remediation, and soil projects include a wide variety of volatile, semi-volatile, mineral, and inorganic chemical analyses, as well as complete trace metal determinations. These analyses are detailed in the EPA Solid Waste Assessment Manual (SW-846) for site assessment, monitoring, and remediation projects. Babcock Labs also provides monitoring for today's high profile contaminants of concern, including pesticides, PCBs, 1,4-Dioxane, NDMA, and PFAS.

Landfill & waste site monitoring

Environmental laboratory testing services for landfill and groundwater monitoring projects

Babcock Labs has been involved with a large number of landfill and other groundwater monitoring projects throughout Southern California and the state. We provide a wide variety of volatile and semi-volatile analyses, mineral and inorganic chemical analyses, and complete trace metal determinations under the EPA Solid Waste Assessment Manual Methods (SW-846) required for site assessment, monitoring, and remediation projects.

Site Assessment, Monitoring, & Remediation

Environmental laboratory testing and sampling services for groundwater, including Superfund Site Monitoring, NAPL and DNAPL Contaminated Sites, and Groundwater Recharge Programs

In the areas of groundwater testing, Babcock Labs' analytical and on-site services support:

  • Superfund Site Monitoring
  • NAPL and DNAPL Contaminated Sites
  • Groundwater Recharge Programs/RIX
  • Vadose Zone Monitoring
  • Lysimeter Sampling
  • Passive Sample Collection & Monitoring

Our clients include many state and local waste management agencies, correctional facilities, and cities as well as industrial manufacturers. To obtain a current list of projects, or to find out more about our field and laboratory services in support of groundwater remediation, please contact our offices.

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