Drinking Water Analyses

          California water agencies have relied on Babcock Labs to provide State certified drinking water analyses for more than 85 years. We offer a full range of testing methods in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, CA Title 22, Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule, Lead & Copper Rule and UCMR regulations.

Bacteriological testing

Bacteriological testing services for the coliform group of bacteria, HPC, iron bacteria, streptococci, and yeast and mold.

Babcock Labs provides testing for the coliform group of bacteria, HPC, iron bacteria, streptococci, and yeast and mold. We offer the 24 hour presence/absence Colilert® test method as well as multiple tube fermentation and membrane filtration techniques. Enumeration of coliforms, including E. coli, is also available for the Colilert® procedure. When requested in advance, speciation can be provided for positive samples.

California Title 22 Drinking Water Requirements

Environmental laboratory testing services for California Title 22 drinking water requirements

In addition to bacteriological monitoring, the most common requirements for drinking water supplies are contained in California Title 22. Our laboratories provide testing and reporting for primary, secondary, and unregulated chemicals. We were one of the first laboratories in California to analyze for Perchlorate, which is routinely included in our inorganic analysis packages and can be determined by IC/MS/MS (EPA Method 332.0), if requested. 

With our extensive drinking water testing expertise we offer:

  • Bacteriological Analyses.
  • Inorganic & Mineral Analyses, such as nitrate, cyanide, and alkalinity.
  • Trace Metal Analysis, such as arsenic, chromium, mercury, copper and lead.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), such as PCE, TCE, and MTBE.
  • Semi-Volatile & Synthetic Organic Compounds (SOC), such as DBCP, Atrazine, Endrin, Benzo(a)Pyrene and Endothall.
  • Radiological Analyses, such as Gross Alpha, Beta and Radon are offered in conjunction with our laboratory partners.

(A complete list of accredited and certified analyses which also includes sample containers, preservatives and holding times can be found on our Qualifications page.)

For a listing of the established maximum contaminant levels, (MCLs) set by the State of California click here. 

Babcock Labs conducts drinking water analyses daily and can provide you with hard copy and electronic reporting to the State of California in a timely and reliable fashion.

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Stage 2 Disinfection byproducts & Lead and Copper Rule

Additional laboratory services include monitoring for Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs) and Haloacetic Acids (HAA5) for compliance with maximum residual disinfectant residuals to meet federal requirements. Bromate and Chlorite, along with bromide, chlorate and other inorganic disinfection byproducts and precursor analyses are also available.

To meet the requirements of the Lead and Copper Rule, Babcock Labs' trace metals section provides ICP/MS EPA 200.8 series analysis of distribution system samples.

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UCMR 4 Analyses

Environmental laboratory testing services for the EPA's Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule, or UCMR4. 

The fourth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule, or UCMR 4, is the latest version of the EPA's monitoring rule concerning public water systems. 

Public water systems (PWSs) serving more than 10,000 customers, as well as a select list of 800 small PWSs serving between 25 – 10,000 people, are required to participate in the UCMR 4 program. 

The EPA requires PWSs to use UCMR 4 approved laboratories. Babcock Labs has been approved by the EPA as a UCMR 4 lab, fully certified to perform all UCMR 4 analyses. Since the inception of the UCMR program, Babcock Labs has successfully completed the rigorous process necessary to be approved for water quality testing for each round of the program. Babcock Labs is the the industry’s trusted laboratory for UCMR testing services. 

Learn more about UCMR 4.

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