Field Services

Our in-house field department is trained to handle all sampling situations. Field services range from the same day pick-up of samples, to the installation of flow and composite monitoring equipment, to purging and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells. Commonly requested services include grab and 24-hour composite sampling, potable water collection, groundwater monitoring, and on-site testing.

Superior Service

An in-house field team means that Babcock Labs saves its clients time and money by avoiding the uncertainty of using a third party and eliminating the need for clients to have a trained sampling technician on staff.

Grab & 24-hour Composite Sampling

Analytical testing laboratory with experienced and knowledgable field technicians who provide convenient, on-site sampling services and sample pick-up

For Industrial Pretreatment and NPDES compliance, our field technicians have extensive experience in the proper collection of wastewater grab and 24-hour composite samples utilizing the most up-to-date collection equipment and techniques. (Note: Composite sampling is required for most NPDES permit work).

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Potable Water Collection

Our field staff are equipped and well versed in the collection of well water and distribution system samples to meet Safe Drinking Water Act and California Title 22 requirements. Services include the sampling of new residential and industrial lines during construction as well as the collection of routine bacteriological (Total Coliform, E. coli, and Heterotrophic Plate Count) and nitrate samples from public and private distribution systems. Complete organic, inorganic, and radiological sample collection of sources is also available.

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Groundwater Monitoring

Commonly requested field services include grab and 24-hour composite sampling, potable water collection, groundwater monitoring, and on-site testing

Babcock Labs field staff have experience with a number of groundwater remediation projects and can provide the appropriate field support for many locations. If you have a groundwater monitoring project and need an evaluation or quotation, give us a call.

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On-Site Testing

In addition to the proper collection and transportation of samples, on-site testing is available for PH, electrical conductivity, temperature, and chlorine residual, as well as environmental swab sampling. Field filtration and preservation are also provided.

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