water treatment

Preparing for Harmful Algal Blooms

June of last year proved to be prime time for harmful algal blooms, resulting in major human health, environmental, and economic problems across the country. Despite the historically colder and wetter conditions we’ve experienced so far in 2019, harmful algal blooms are not out of the question if summer conditions prove conducive to cyanobacteria growth.  

Cleaning Up Its Act: Will California Pass a Clean Water Tax?

Approximately 1 million Californians currently struggle to access safe and affordable drinking water due to water agencies that are out of compliance with state standards on contamination levels or treatment techniques. Though not a new problem, new legislative attempts at the state Capitol endeavor to establish a fund for small water agencies unable to provide customers with clean drinking water because of the high treatment costs.

Babcock Labs in the Community: Drinking Water Treatment Partnership Project Helps Hundreds of Underserved Coachella Valley Residents

The Drinking Water Treatment Partnership Project was established in the spring of 2013 as a means of addressing the need for clean drinking water in low-income mobile home parks located throughout the Eastern Coachella Valley. Through the various contributions of the involved partners, this project has provided, and continues to provide, installation of water treatment systems (reverse osmosis units) to underserved mobile home communities that have high levels of arsenic and/or fluoride in their raw water sources.