Lab-to-State Portal for Lead and Copper Data

There are major changes underway for Lead and Copper reporting and Babcock Laboratories is on the leading edge! 

The State of California is transitioning to a new electronic submittal process for Lead and Copper data via a Lab-to-State (LTS) Portal. Babcock Labs participated in beta testing of the State's new LTS Portal and was one of the few labs to be first registered on the Portal.

We have also been personally informed by the Division of Drinking Water that Babcock Labs' "head start and knowledge of the Portal is very valuable" to water agencies. This assurance from the State means you can look to Babcock Labs to keep you up-to-date on these important reporting changes.

For questions or further information about Lead and Copper reporting or testing services, contact us. To view more information about Babcock Labs' drinking water testing services, including Lead and Copper Rule analyses, click here.