Drinking Water Workshop: Attend the Next DWW at Babcock Labs

Babcock Labs will hold its 4th semi-annual Drinking Water Workshop on Thursday, May 18th. To register click here. For more information about what the workshop entails, read below:

It is challenging for any sample technician or operator to take a valid sample without first understanding the “why” and “how” behind the drinking water sample. Proper drinking water sampling requires thorough training, extensive knowledge, appropriate resources, and up-to-date techniques. These elements are vital if an organization wishes to maintain scientific integrity and receive quality, legally defensible data from its laboratory.

Because this information is so valuable to your organization’s endeavor to protect the public health, Babcock Laboratories has created a Drinking Water Workshop tailored to meet the needs of your staff. The workshop includes*:

A Short Course Seminar:

  • Sampling techniques
  • Bottle type and preservation
  • Safety and sample documentation
  • Analytical methods and testing

Interactive Training:

  • Hands-on sampling practice
  • Real-life scenarios
  • Two sample testing stations
  • An analysis observation station

*There will also be a break in-between sessions at which point refreshments and a small snack will be provided.

To ensure that each attendee receives one-on-one time with our trainers, space for this workshop is limited to 30 individuals, with a maximum of 2 individuals per organization.

Both the seminar and training courses will be conducted by laboratory professionals who have years of expertise in drinking water sampling. Each workshop attendee will receive a certificate of completion verifying that they have received proper education and applied training on drinking water sampling.

We look forward to seeing you there!