Babcock Labs Featured in ELAP Newsletter

Babcock Laboratories was featured in the State Board’s ELAP newsletter this month. The newsletter includes a section called, “Environmental Laboratory Corner,” in which our CEO, Allison Mackenzie, provided insight into ELTAC’s recent deliberations concerning Fields of Testing (FOTs) within the laboratory accreditation process. Ms. Mackenzie serves as a voting member of the Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (ELTAC) for the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP), which is now overseen by the Division of Drinking Water of the State Water Resources Control Board. Babcock Laboratories is committed to providing its clients with data of known and documented quality, which is why we are so proud that our CEO is helping ELAP ensure that accredited laboratories across California are doing the same.

To view the ELAP newsletter, click here. To learn more about Ms. Mackenzie’s role on ELTAC, click here.