UCMR 4 Workshop: Technical Training and Information Seminar

US EPA UCMR 4 approved lab for all UCMR 4 testing services 

It’s almost 2018! Are you ready for the fourth round of the EPA’s Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule? Join us on January 31, 2018 for Babcock Labs’ UCMR 4 workshop (register now). 

The workshop will include a short course seminar on UCMR 4 methods, analyses, and special requirements, in addition to the responsibilities of public water systems (PWSs). Attendees will also learn about sampling, including bottle type and preservation. Additionally, the workshop will provide real life case studies for review. Attendees are asked to bring a copy of their UCMR 4 schedule to the workshop so that they can receive one-on-one assistance to address their specific UCMR 4 needs. 

Babcock Laboratories is an EPA UCMR 4 approved lab, fully certified to perform all UCMR 4 analyses. Since the inception of the program over 15 years ago, Babcock Labs has been the industry’s trusted laboratory for UCMR testing services. In fact, Babcock Labs was one of the select few laboratories to take part in the EPA's research process concerning the development of reporting limits for various UCMR 4 methods. 

We are ready for UCMR 4 and look forward to being your trusted lab resource throughout the process. Contact us today for UCMR 4 assistance or learn more about UCMR 4.