Leaders in the Industry: Babcock Labs Addresses Regulatory Issues

Babcock Laboratories is a leader in environmental testing services

Next month Babcock Laboratories will help address regulatory issues on Capitol Hill and in Sacramento.

On Wednesday, July 18th, Babcock Labs’ Laboratory Director & Vice President, Brad Meadows, will speak before U.S. representatives in a Congressional Briefing on protecting public health, safety, and the environment. The briefing, sponsored by Congressman Moolenaar, will be presented by the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL), of which Babcock Labs is a member. The topics on which Mr. Meadows will speak include the advancement of green chemistry and new technology through industry collaboration with EPA, as well as protecting our drinking water supply and tracking unregulated contaminants. Other topics to be addressed during the briefing include the invaluable role commercial laboratories play in preserving and protecting the nation’s food supply and safety and supporting adequate supplies of critical medicines.

Concurrently, Babcock Labs’ CEO & President, Allison Mackenzie, will attend the July 18th meeting of the Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee (ELTAC) in Sacramento, CA. ELTAC is an advisory committee to the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). As one of 18 members of the Committee, Ms. Mackenzie will provide comments on ELAP’s draft regulations prior to the release of the 2nd preliminary draft regulations which is tentatively scheduled for August, 2018. The release will be followed by another round of public comments, after which ELAP hopes to prepare the final Rule Making Package in the 4th quarter of 2018.

Babcock Laboratories is proud to contribute its technical knowledge and expertise to these State and National conversations on current regulatory challenges. We feel that our participation typifies our sincere commitment to protecting public health and the environment through quality analytical testing services.

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