Happy International Women’s Day!

Today people around the globe are celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. We at Babcock Labs are proud that our company strives for equal opportunity and gender equity. Women make up more than half of our workforce, including our management team. This is unique for a STEM company and something to be proud of, as women still remain underrepresented in the science and engineering workforce at large in the United States.

In addition to being an equal opportunity employer, we are employee owned, which means that our employees have stock in our company and the opportunity to help make decisions about our future. We also support our community in numerous ways, including participating in programs like SISTERS and GEMS which help girls pursue careers in STEM. What’s more, the work we do on a daily basis helps protect public health and the environment, which in turn protects our families and future generations.

We have a very talented team of women and men who work hard each and every day to make a difference. Today we thank our entire Babcock Team for helping us ensure that our company continues to promote diversity, equality, and opportunity for all!