Other Value-Added Services

In addition to our analytical testing services, we provide other value-added services such as field services, data deliverables, emergency response services, and special project accommodation.

Analytical testing laboratory with same day pick-up, flow and composite monitoring, on-site field sampling services

Field Services

Our in-house field department is trained to handle all sampling situations. Field services range from the same day pick-up of samples, to the installation of flow and composite monitoring equipment, to purging and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells. Commonly requested services include grab and 24-hour composite sampling, potable water collection, groundwater monitoring, and on-site testing.  

Analytical testing laboratory with customized electronic data deliverable (EDD) reporting services

Data Deliverables

We provide data deliverables to clients in a variety of formats. Our system enables us to provide customized formats based on client need. Our electronic deliverable capabilities provide our clients with: 

  • Customized reports to meet client-specific requirements
  • Improved efficiency with streamlined data management
  • On-line access for up to one year of data
  • Backup to hardcopy reports
  • Data Deliverables available in many formats including:
    • Adobe Portable Data Files
    • Excel
    • Access
    • ADaPT
    • Many others not listed!

For more information about electronic data deliverables, please contact your project manager.

Analytical testing laboratory with emergency response services

Emergency Response services

We understand that emergencies happen. In the event that you need urgent laboratory or sampling support, Babcock Laboratories is prepared to help.

Analytical testing laboratory with special project accommodation 


We understand that your samples and projects don’t fit neatly into the network laboratory mass-production line, which is why we offer special project accommodation.