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E.S. Babcock & Sons, Inc.ESB provides both sampling and testing services to assist clients in complying with municipal water discharge permit requirements for Industrial Pretreatment Programs and with National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) permits issued by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, including Septic Tank Monitoring. Many of our current clients operate wastewater treatment plants and require daily monitoring. We provide same day service for process control samples and quick turn-around time for compliance monitoring. We can provide information and pricing for these, and many other services.

Industrial Pretreatment Program Monitoring

For Industrial Pretreatment and NPDES compliance, ESB maintains an extensive list of analytical capabilities. We provide organic and inorganic testing methods mandated in CFR Part 136, including the Priority Pollutant analyte list. ESB conducts analysis for both Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total and Fecal Coliforms on a daily basis. Utilizing our experienced field technicians, ESB can provide for the proper collection of grab and 24-hour composite samples, including same-day transportation and full sample custody documentation. If your program requires composite sampling, we are here to help.


ESB also provides testing and reporting for the Discharge Monitoring Report-Quality Assurance Program (DMR-QA) to ensure complete adherence to the NPDES.


In conjunction with the Surface Water and Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP), and the collection of data for TMDL studies, ESB provides testing for the organic and inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient species. Various microbiological test methods are also available for the enumeration of fecal coliforms and streptococci. Our laboratory services are utilized in the establishing of proper Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) values, and discharge compliance to meet those limits.

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