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E.S. Babcock & Sons, Inc.For groundwater, ESB provides monitoring for many of today’s high profile contaminants of concern including low level perchlorate analysis, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, pesticides, PCBs, 1,4-Dioxane and NDMA.

Landfill and Waste Site Monitoring

ESB has been fortunate to be involved with a large number of landfill and other groundwater monitoring projects throughout Southern California and the state. We provide a wide variety of volatile and semi-volatile analyses, mineral and inorganic chemical analyses, and complete trace metal determinations under the EPA Solid Waste Assessment Manual Methods (SW-846) required for site assessment, monitoring, and remediation projects.

Site Assessment, Monitoring & Remediation

In the areas of groundwater testing, ESB analytical and on-site services support:

  • Groundwater Recharge Programs/RIX
  • Vadose Zone Monitoring
  • Lysimeter Sampling
  • Passive Sample Collection & Monitoring

Our clients include many state and local waste management agencies, correctional facilities, and cities as well as industrial manufacturers. To obtain a current list of projects, or to find out more about our field and laboratory services in support of groundwater remediation, please contact our offices.

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