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Policies & Procedures 

Rush Policy

Terms & Conditions

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Please note that by doing business with Babcock Laboratories, Inc. you agree to follow and be bound by the Babcock Laboratories, Inc. Terms & Conditions. (Haga clic aquí para ver los Términos y Condiciones en español.)


Commencing July 1, 2018, Babcock Laboratories will implement a five percent increase in pricing for analytical tests and sampling outlined in the Babcock Labs schedule of services. The new prices will apply only to work received for analysis after July 1st and will have no effect on samples and services covered under existing contracts and professional agreements. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding pricing, please contact either our Director of Client Services, Cathy Iijima, or our Client Services & Field Department Manager, Caroline Sangari (click here for contact information). 

Turn-around Time Policies 

Online Results
Results available on the online ClientConnect portal ahead of the turn-around time (TAT) schedule are provided at no extra cost. Clients using results from ClientConnect prior to analysis completion do so at their own risk. Results provided online through ClientConnect are a courtesy and are not intended as a substitute for a signed Certificate of Analysis. 

After-Hours Sample Receipt 
Samples received after 5pm will be deemed as received the following day for TAT purposes. Upon prior arrangement with laboratory, clients may schedule after-hours (after 5pm) deliveries on a case-by-case basis if they wish for the samples to be received same-day. Arrangements must be made in advance to allow the laboratory adequate time to properly receive and begin processing the samples. 

Rush Charges
Expedited TAT schedules will be billed at the rates listed above ("Rush Policy") unless under contract. Clients with contract-specified TAT schedules will be billed according to the terms and conditions of the contract. Requests for TAT schedules outside of the contract will be billed at the rates listed above.      

TAT Confirmation
The TAT schedule is to be confirmed upon receipt of samples and designated on the chain of custody (COC). Expedited TAT requests  of less than 5 days must be cleared in advance by the laboratory. 

The due date will be determined by the client and the TAT schedule, based on the date results are needed. In the absence of a specific date requested, the standard schedule will be observed. 

Preferential Reporting Requests 
Requests for preferential reporting after samples have been processed will result in a rush surcharge to match the date results are reported. If testing has not yet commenced, the TAT surcharge will incorporate the request date as the starting point of the TAT schedule. 

Due dates for work orders with "blended" TAT schedules will be based on the test with the longest TAT schedule. 

Re-analysis Policies

Historical Data Review
Babcock Labs will review results against historical data provided that adequate data exists (i.e., >3 data points). 

Babcock Labs will not re-analyze samples if they fall within the range of historical results. Results slightly outside of the historical range will be evaluated for re-analysis on a case-by-base basis. Results grossly outside of the historical range will be re-analyzed unless there is a reasonable explanation for the discrepancy (i.e., change in treatment, sediment in sample, etc.). 

Unless the method QC indicated otherwise, Babcock Labs will not automatically re-analyze samples for hits above the MCL unless it falls outside of the historical range in values for a well-established sampling point (i.e., >7 data points). 

Client Requests for Re-analysis
Babcock Labs will re-analyze a sample upon client request. If the results confirm the original result, Babcock Labs will report both values and the client will be charged for the re-analysis. If the re-analysis does not confirm the original result, the secondary result will be reported and the client will not be charged for the confirmation. Results are deemed to match if the two are: 

  • Within the CCV % Difference criteria for methods with no preparation (i.e., EPA 300.0); OR

  • Within the Method RPD limits for those with a digestion or extraction; OR

  • If the difference is < or = to the MRL for results within a factor of 5 of the MRL