Internal Statement of Qualifications 

Each year the Babcock Labs' QA department asks staff to update their internal statement of qualifications (also referred to as "resume"). This information allows us to document each employee's professional experience and skills. Among other things, it is important that we have up-to-date and complete information because it is included in the contract proposals we provide to clients/perspective clients. Clients consider the expertise of our staff when deciding whether or not to award us their work.  

Please fill out the form below with complete and accurate information. For convenience, you may list information in "bullet form" by either separating information by line item (hit "enter"), by comma (,) or by semi-colon (;). Please use the examples as formatting guidelines for your responses. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact QA Manager Stacey Fry

Name *
Please indicate your current department (reference the Organizational Chart located on the server if you are unsure).
Please list your current title, as listed on your ID badge (or you may reference the Org. Chart, if needed).
Please list your education, including the type of diploma/degree earned, the subject (if applicable), the name of the institution, and the year the diploma/degree was awarded.
Please list any certifications you currently hold, including cert. number, if applicable.
Please indicate the number of years of experience working in the analytical testing industry (please round up).
Date of Employment with Babcock Labs *
Date of Employment with Babcock Labs
If you do not recall the specific day, please put "01" in the Day field.
Please list all of your current job responsibilities.
Please list all technologies and/or instrumentation with which you have experience. Include department information.
Please list your specific skills and abilities, including any methods you have experience performing.
Please list completed training.
Please indicate the number of years of experience with the EPA's Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR) Program.
If you currently serve on a Committee or Board of Directors, please include your membership role and information.
Please list any relevant presentations you have given.